Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Been Too Long

I've been neglecting this blog for way too long.  My last post was on Aug. 16 and a lot has happened since then.  Two MAJOR things actually.  I turned 25 (why so old?!) and purchased a townhouse with the help of my parents.  Yea, I wasn't lying when I said major huh?

I don't think I've ever been more down about turning a year older till this birthday.  Just the thought of getting older makes me want to plop down face first on my pillow and kick and scream with sadness.  (Imagine when I turn 30)  My friends and the BF planned a pretty fun and cute birthday, which was sweet of them.  It made turning 25 a little less dreadful. 

So I've been pretty busy with adjusting and trying to furnish the place and let me tell you, furniture shopping is not easy or fun.  Especially when you have a budget.  The fun part will be adding decor to give the place some character.  It's a pretty frustrating process so lately most of my free time is spent on furniture sites and pinterest.  Must get the place ready for THE HOLIDAYS!  

Here's a little update.  Mainly from my instagram, which I update more than this blog.

 this is my ugly opening-champage-bottle-for-the-first-time look (took me a while to open...)

chloe and her homegirl hello kitty hanging out

met Emily at her book signing!

VIP backstage with Chromeo! pretty amazing!

if you're a fan of musicals, Book of Mormon is a must see!  one of my top 3

seeing all my lovely gfs from back home in vegas was a weekend to remember (stupid red eyes)