Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's So Magical!

New York with the bffs was so fun!  It's not often that the three of us girls get together so spending four days with them was nice.  It was also nice that our bfs came too.  It was a triple date trip in NYC!  I've been to New York before during Thanksgiving and being there this time when it's warm made the trip more enjoyable.  There's definitely a lot of walking and seeing in the city, which makes it hard to party at night and wake up early the next day with energy. New York is so different from LA that I wouldn't mind living in New York for a year to soak in everything the city has to offer. 

F21 kimono top | Nordstrom tank | COH denim | Sam Edelman sandals | Marc Jacobs purse and watch

More pictures to come.  Hopefully doesn't take me weeks to upload them.

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