Sunday, June 24, 2012

New York Day 3

On the third day in New York we probably did the most walking.  The weather was warmer and warm weather + a lot of walking + empty stomachs makes everyone tired and not happy.  We first walked to the MET and then walked to Central Park.  From Central Park we walked to Levain Bakery, back to the park, to the subway, and then finally arrived to the Meat Ball Shop to have our first meal of the day.  You can see why we were a bit grumpy.  After eating some really delicious meatball though, we were energized and ready to continue our day.  We were in soho and being the person who planned and mapped out our trip, one thing I did not know was that many stores in soho close at 7pm.  We didn't get to shop much but it was still nice to walk around the area.  We then had dinner at Babbo, chef Mario Batali's restaurant.  I had expected more from this place and was quite disappointed.  Just not the Italian food I was expecting.  Some dishes were quite bland.  Later that night we headed out to Hudson Terrace for some fun. 

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