Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I think it's safe to assume that I suck at updating and keeping this blog going.  Every few months is better than nothing right?  So, happy new year!  I know resolutions are usually broken (can't remember what last year's was... obviously failed) but this year I'm DETERMINED to keep up with two.

1. Set a weekly/monthly spending budget.
2. Take a class or teach myself how to use illustrator better

How are these resolutions doing?  Pretty well I'd have to say.  I've been using evernote on my phone, which btw is an awesome app, to keep track of my weekly spending and I'm actually doing well.  Let's see how long this last.  Resolution #2 is actually going better than I expected.  I didn't feel like paying $46 a unit plus whatever the fees are to take an illustrator class so I've been teaching myself and it's so much fun!  Besides that, I hope 2013 will be a good year with some personal changes.  Hence this post title.

Some pictures from the irvine flea market.  Windy cold day probably wasn't the best day to go.  Either people packed up early or hardly anyone set up.

UO Chambray Shirt | LF Store Scarf | Zara Pants | RM Purse | UO Flats |

Two things to point out.. crazy storm clouds!  Awesome Starbucks + Rodarte tumbler!

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