Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pizza Roll

Since I don't live at home (sometimes I wish I still did), I cook dinner almost every weeknight.  It gets boring though when you're cooking the same meals over and over.  I try to find new recipes but ones with a lot of ingredients or ingredients I've never heard of make me pass on it, even if it looks like a delicious dish.  I've had this pizza roll recipe bookmarked for a while, but always figured it was difficult to make.  To my surprise, it's probably one of the quickest and easiest dinner I've ever made.  I added my own touch by adding pizza sauce into the recipe.  Instead of making pizza dough from scratch, I bought some garlic and herb dough from the store.  I'm definitely going to make it with wheat dough next time though.  Just to be somewhat healthy. 

- pizza dough
- pizza sauce
- mozzarella cheese
- pepporonni
- canadian bacon
- basil

You roll out the dough and put all the ingredients on top.  After that you roll it into a log shape.  Make sure to seal the ends so nothing oozes out.  Put it in the oven at 350degrees for about 25-35 minutes and voila!  Cut, serve as you please, and enjoy!

 Tomato soup and pizza roll

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