Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Massive

Last Saturday was our annual Thanksgiving Massive potluck.  Since I enjoy cooking and baking, I usually make a savory and sweet dish for our potlucks but this year I knew I wouldn't have enough time.  So, I decided to go with something simple and easy, bruschetta.  I followed this recipe that my sister sent me.  I knew it was a hit when I came out of my room from getting ready to find that people had already ate some when I didn't even put it in the oven yet.  There was so much good food that I couldn't help but pile my plate with a little bit of everything.  I was more than stuffed by the end of the night.  I can't wait for next week's dinner though with my family. I love the holidays!

 I piled my plate with this much food!  I was full but I wanted to try everything!

 Everyone stuffing their faces!

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