Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Birthday Season

It's that time of year.  No, not Christmas.  It's birthday season.  I always feel like the beginning of the year to early mid year is when there's the most birthdays.  At least in my group of friends it feels like.  Three weekends ago was the first birthday we celebrated this year.  Last week we celebrated another one and there's two birthdays next month.  Not that I'm complaining or anything.  Birthdays are always fun.  For the birthday three weekends ago, a surprise was planned for my friend at Charlie Palmer where we had an open bar deal for three hours.  You can imagine how crazy that went.  Servers were coming into our private room with drinks after drinks.  I didn't bring my camera to the open bar so I captured some pictures before it got dark out.

This picture would normally belong in the delete pile since I blinked and bangs in my eyes but I like that you can clearly see the ombre hair.  Plus, some candid shots are always good right?
UO blazer | Nordstrom top | Gstage Boutique shorts | Nordstrom tights | H&M booties | F21 cuff


  1. Really loving this outfit!

    Minted Magazine

  2. love the top. Thanks for sharing the outfit. Please follow back. :)