Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Truffle Mac n Cheese

Recently, I've been obsessed with mac n cheese.  Before this though, I disliked it very much.  As a kid I've had the kraft mac n cheese and just always thought it was too cheesy.  Just too much for me.  However, recently when I've gone out to dinner, someone in the group will order mac n cheese if the restaurant has it and it taste so much better than the kraft kind.  Maybe because it's not just the usual cheddar that's used.  There's usually more than one type of cheese, breadcrumb, bacon or something else that gives it that extra kick.  I decided to try making it myself and followed this recipe.  I adjusted the recipe to my own liking by adding onions, pancetta, and blue cheese.  To top it off, I added truffle oil, which I love! 


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